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Blueberry muffin recipe

Try number… oh I don’t even know….
I wanted to try baking muffins with coconut oil and I’d read somewhere using pastry flour makes for better baked goods. Well, the Amish know best about baked goods. Take a peek…

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Drying cranberries

Close to Christmas time, I bought a bag of full, ripe cranberries. They were beautiful, blood red and stunning to look at.  Too tart to eat, the man in the produce aisle told me I could boil them down and add lots of sugar and they’d be homemade.

I chose instead to make my very own dried cranberries.



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Zero waste with food

I’ve learned from Mrs. Green at My Zero Waste  about the shocking pounds of food we waste annually. By her bringing it to my attention, I attempt to clean out my fridge more often—because that’s really where my waste originates.


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Homemade bird feeder

I found this idea–in none other than a McDonald’s magazine. It was such a great idea, I took a picture of it and thought I’d blog it out. I think some kid sent it in. So creative!

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Eating bad food in order not to waste

After reading Mrs. Green’s blog about not wasting food and her count down to September 2nd-8th Zero Waste Week, I attempted diligence all summer long.


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A healthy, yummy, little snack

These are so quick and easy to make. When I’m sick of zucchini bread, I just pull this little number.


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Organic Meat pie

This is actually supposed to be made of possum, but I was fresh out. Not that I wouldn’t use one if I ever hit one on the side of the road….

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No to cereal.

In order to shy away from cereal’s plastic packaging, here is a gander of breakfast ideas we’ve created so far…

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Last Friday night….

We dined at Subway’s. While there, we got to talking about Larry’s subs. Are you familiar with Larry’s Subs? We weren’t either but they are a fantastic subway shop similar  to Jersey Mike’s that we stumbled across while in Georgia. What surprised us? How environmentally friendly they were. Subway vs Larry’s? Let’s take a look.

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Prune and walnut whole-wheat/oat muffins = failure muffins

So, I take recipes from cookbooks and try to give them a “make over” by substituting (sometimes the entire recipe) with healthier, more wholesome ingredients. I tried it a few times with great success and then I got brave. Now I try it all the time. And well….let’s be honest. It just doesn’t always work out.


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