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Eating bad food in order not to waste

After reading Mrs. Green’s blog about not wasting food and her count down to September 2nd-8th Zero Waste Week, I attempted diligence all summer long.


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Feeding the compost

Just a few pictures of our hungry compost and what we fed her at the last house….
As the compost bin fills at the new house, I’ll post those too.
How is your compost looking these days?

Steamy decomposition.

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When relatives give you moose meat….

Before the move, thoughtful relatives bestowed upon us a pound of moose meat. “Put it in a stew,” they said. But once I thawed it, it resembled ground hamburger so I scanned on-line to see how to cook it. Everyone had a different recipe for moose burgers….so this is what I came up with: mooseloaf.
Since the ingredients were similar to the ones for meatloaf, I decided to try to make it in a similar manner. After all, who am I to waste moose?

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Ultimate zero waste food

Cook and eat the meat, compost the skin and bake the seeds. Can you guess what it is?

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The 70-year-old dumpster diver

My friend Hope called me early this year and told me this story and sent me these pictures. I felt I should share it–mainly because I found it so disturbing.

Perfectly good thrown out food.

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Grubs from last summer!

We compost absolutely everything—food scrapes, grass clippings, leaves and yard waste, coffee grinds, dust and dirt from the vacuum, fingernail clippings, my husband’s hair from his haircuts. We shred all paper in the house and dump it in, and recently learned entire pizza boxes can be added. You don’t even need to break them down! After dinner this week, we looked at our plates and my man asked, “We can’t compost fish remains?” I jumped online and though some advised against it, others said to bury them deep within the middle of the bin. So it looks like fish heads, scales, fish skin and bones are compostable too. So far, it doesn’t smell bad. This is only recommended, however, if you have an enclosed bin because it can attract animals. If you know of anything we’re missing, by all means, comment on the post and let us know!

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