No to cereal.

In order to shy away from cereal’s plastic packaging, here is a gander of breakfast ideas we’ve created so far…


3 responses to “No to cereal.

  1. Wow impressive spread! I get oats from the bulk coop, but in summer it’s not as tasty – I need to make some bircher museli (essentially cold porridge). Smoothies are also good

  2. Jen, we NEVER (well never say never, right?) eat the commercially produced cereals…I just want to plug my Muesli recipe here – good hot or cold:

    I generally have a green smoothie for breakfast almost every day – but if I’m tired of that, I’ll often have leftovers. Today, as a matter of fact, I had broccoli at breakfast, and then made Eggs Florentine for dinner! (my five dollar more or less posting for this week!)

    Who said breakfast has to be breakfast, anyway!

  3. @ Frugal Hausfrau—that’s right! Who says breakfast has to be a certain food! Broccoli for breakfast. You’re so cute!
    Will have to try that muesli!!

    @Sarah–how do you make your cold porridge?

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