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Ouch! How we lose water!

I cheated and took a picture of this. Hope I haven’t shown it to you already. It was in our water bill last year and I found it so surprising! G.P.M. stands for gallons per minute. G.A.M. stands for gallons a month. I just like stats and thought you all might find it interesting.


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14 winter energy-saving tips

Keep warm! These tips from the Georgia Power earthcents pamphlet (we received in the mail with our power bill before we left Georgia) were all pretty darn good!

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35 ways to save green—$$ and the environment

These are so much fun! See how many you do, how many you could do, and add any you don’t see in the comments section so I can do them!
Are you ready? 😉

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Kroger’s bring your own bag

What a thrill to pull into a grocery store and be reminded as I park—DON’T FORGET YOUR BAG, MORON.

Okay, that’s not exactly what it said…

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Uses for olive oil other than the kitchen

If you remember, my Roman-wanna-be husband once wrote a post about shaving with olive oil. In the dry winter months, I’ve found other uses for it too.

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Change a Light, Change the World Pledge

Before our move, I learned a thing or two from my good ole’ Georgia Power bill….Georgia Power was joining with ENERGY STAR to celebrate the national “Change a Light, Change the World” campaign and encouraged us all to make energy-efficient changes in our homes. The pledge and ideas made a lot of sense. See what you think.

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10 year-round energy saving tips

From the Power bill…. 🙂

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Please remove me from your list

Junk mail, junk mail.
This is what I do when I get those annoying credit card applications!


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Saving money and energy in winter

So, Georgia Power sent me another pamphlet in with my electric bill. They recommend setting the thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. For every degree higher than 68, tack on another 3% of energy used. And we all know—energy ain’t cheap! Here’s their helpful chart to show you how much you’ll save and how much you can spend.

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Squeezing out the last bit!

When I first got married, this is something I did that received one of those “looks.” You know….the one that says, “WHAT are you doing?” without actually using any words. For some reason, I just LOVE those looks. It proves to me I haven’t conformed and “sold out” after all. I’m still original. I haven’t meshed. I’m thinking outside of the box. Even though, to me….it seems a completely normal thing to do….and I know some of you do it too!

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