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Happy Holidays

While unpacking last spring, I ran across this card from my niece whom we lost in 2012 at 12 years old.

I don’t know when she created it for me. It must have been before I got married as there is no mention of anyone but me on the card.

It was as if a quiet whisper of her voice rang through my ears encompassing me in peace and love for that moment. All I could see was her smile.

When I find things like this randomly, I believe she left them for me in that very spot for me to find.


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The tree we chose this year


The hunt for an environmentally sound tree starring Goldylocks.


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Reusable advent calendar

Never introduced to the advent calendar until adult age, I adore the idea of it. Who wouldn’t want a tiny bite of chocolate each day to count off the days until Christmas?

I bought two this year! One chocolate and one reusable because unfortunately chocolate simply cannot be reused. Shame really…


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Happy, happy holidays!

Times like today, we really do miss Wisconsin!

Writing her name on a frosted window pane.

Writing her name on a frosted window pane.

Enjoy some winter photos where we celebrated last year! It was like being in a post card, and by far my best holidays ever!

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Holiday makings where the snow doesn’t fall

It’s strange celebrating the winter holidays with no snow. It just seems unnatural. But I have to give it to south Florida, they really have tried to bring the winter festivities to town.

Even Santa wears sunglasses.


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Miss Precious #1

There was once a Miss Precious long before my Miss Precious.
12 years to be exact.

When she was two years old and we asked her when her birthday was she used to say, “December Two-two.”
That’s today.
She would have been 14 today.


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The great tree debate

About two years ago I put up a poll as to whether I should get a real tree or a fake one. We ended up getting a tiny real “plant” that would eventually grow into a nice little tree to go with us wherever we went.


And then I killed it in a military move.

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The not so green pumpkin = #5

#5. We inherited two pumpkins this year from the generous woman across the apartment complex who moved out.


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Hello fall!

Fall has officially arrived in Wisconsin!
Come take a look out the window.

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A Happy Anniversary

What girl doesn’t appreciate flowers? For her birthday. Her Anniversary. For Valentine’s. But especially for no reason at all.


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