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To scare off the Friday the 13th blues…

A little green from the back yard…
He lives in our palm tree!

IMG_7106 IMG_7110


Recycled art

Enjoy this recycled art from Islamorada.

Enjoyed by the tourists and my kid… and now you!


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The not so green pumpkin = #5

#5. We inherited two pumpkins this year from the generous woman across the apartment complex who moved out.


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Life in transition and greening a military move

Since June, we’ve been involved with two different moves. Downsizing my mom’s and moving from Wisconsin to the south, yet again. It has been non-stop packing, unpacking and dealing with a nightmare moving company, purchasing a home, fighting to get insurance, home repairs, and trying to sell our house in Wisconsin, one thing after another. But landing in a home and shuffling through boxes does a holiday make.

Oh what a mess!

Oh what a mess!

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Grime off cabinet doors

I tried everything.

Scrubbing with:
Soap and water
Brillo pads
Brillo pads without soap
Goop off
Fine sand paper


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The sorry letter from Starbucks as to why they do not know whether their product can even be recycled.

Unable to find anything on the package about recycling (other than to recycle the box), I took the next step MissWhipLash from God’s Creatures encouraged me to do.
I wrote the company.


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What I found in the yard

While out gardening during Memorial Day weekend, I discovered new flowers and even more new flowers. The woman who owned the house before us was a true lover of flowers. I’ve never seen so many different kinds. A different bunch seem to bloom weekly. I don’t even know their names.

Here are some of the flowers I found just weeks ago– along with this bird feeder.

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Homemade bird feeder from license plate

Did I show you these?
When we moved in, the previous owner had left them in the back yard.
What a creative idea!

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Composting diapers? You bet!

Humm…diapers that compost. Diapers that will disappear over a short period of time and leave nothing behind. Zero waste. I’ve found very few packages that make the claim their diapers are in fact, compostable. Most green-washed diapers claim “biodegradable and better for the environment.” How so?

Biodegradable does not mean compostable. Biodegradable means the plastic and diaper pieces break down into tiny bits of plastic and stay around forever. Hell, they probably end up in the plastic soup in the sea. Plastic soup you say? Google the Great Pacific Patch and see what you learn.

This is what I’ve discovered and learned in my short time as a mama (trying to tread environmentally lightly) while dealing with diapers. I’m sure I have much more to learn. This is also what the compostable diaper packages fail to stress…


Hmm, really? Because this packaging looks more like potato chip packaging that cannot be recycled. But composted? I sent this one in to Terracycle instead.

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My dream house

While visiting friends in Jacksonville last year, I passed a fashionable clothing shop with this advertisement. I couldn’t tell you what kind of clothes they sold or what on earth this represented advertising wise, but I stopped dead in my tracks.

There, plastered on the side of a building, lit up in perfect golden light stood my dream house.

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