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My dream house

While visiting friends in Jacksonville last year, I passed a fashionable clothing shop with this advertisement. I couldn’t tell you what kind of clothes they sold or what on earth this represented advertising wise, but I stopped dead in my tracks.

There, plastered on the side of a building, lit up in perfect golden light stood my dream house.

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Why I have a hard time using disposable diapers

I cry every time I watch this.
I feel overwhelmed and inspired at the same time.

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In another life

No matter what you believe about life, death or religion, the cemetery can really put things into perspective. My husband thought this post too morbid to put up, but I think it’s real. Why aren’t we talking about it more?


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OMG Baby consignment

When I first visited my OB, I received a welcome bag. It had a few pamphlets about first pregnancies, blah, blah, blah. Three-fourths of the bag contained advertisements for “stuff” the baby would “need.” The Babies R Us pamphlet teetered on top.

As I flipped through it, my eyes grew large and I handed it to my man. “Is she serious? Why is this even in here? Does she have stock in Babies R Us?”

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Need vs. want plan…for January

Turns out lots of folks are doing their own versions of the ‘need vs want plan’ for the New Year. Besides Samantha’s version I’ve been documenting, Mrs. Green on  Little Green Blog is doing it for a month! She’s been amazingly dedicated. Check her out.
This is how we’ve done so far…

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What I deserve

When I get on Skype with Michelle and I’m wearing my winter hat, I tell her I’m having a bad hair day. To which she replies, “You don’t have the heat on again, do you? If you don’t turn it on, I’m going to tell your husband.”

But if he’s out to sea, why would I want to heat the entire house for me–just one person? Especially when I’m holed up in one room under a comforter typing away, anyway.

I do realize how extreme I am in my thinking. But, you know, there is a reason for all that.

The hat that never comes off in winter. Even when I sleep.

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Need vs want plan

Last year, for the first six months of the year, we decided to only buy what we “needed” and not what we “wanted.” I’d find myself standing in the candy aisle asking myself, “Does chocolate count as a need?” When I answered myself with no, I’d storm off like a pouting child. Sometimes, I’d buy it just to spite myself.

That means I have to give up candy. Augh! (Which I shouldn't be eating anyway!!!) But look how happy it makes me. (No it doesn't.) Yes it does.

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