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Grime off cabinet doors

I tried everything.

Scrubbing with:
Soap and water
Brillo pads
Brillo pads without soap
Goop off
Fine sand paper


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Detergent, step aside. I found soap berries!

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Homemade citrus cleaner

We tried making our own citrus cleaner with grapefruits off the trees in the back yard while we residing in Georgia.


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Natural products that get rid of mildew

Mildew on the windows! Yeek!
When we lived in a rented home right across from the marsh,  moisture turned into a nightmare. Mildew constantly covered the walls and window blinds too fast for me to keep up. So, how did I fight it without using bleach?


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Washing with peroxide, oxi-clean, and borax.

Trying not to use bleach, I’m experimenting with different methods and combinations. Not having much luck. Any help would be muchly appreciated!

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Why I like brillo pads

Amazing what these little suckers can clean.

At the end of its life.

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Eco-friendly cleaning products

As renters, you never know what you’re going to find when you move in. The best part of the military move is cleaning other people’s houses–the one you’re leaving and the one you’re moving into. (My husband said, “People are going to think you’re serious.” Hmmm…. That would be sarcasm.) Sometimes, the ovens are so disgusting, we have to break down and use Oven Cleaner. There is no other way to get that crusty, black, burnt meal off from five months back that dripped to the bottom of the oven and stayed there—FOREVER. (Forever should be said in a Darth Vader voice.)

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