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“Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.”–Thoreau

I told daddy if he gave me a list of his favorite “green” quotes, I’d put them on my blog. Mostly because he doesn’t read my blog and yet always asks me what’s going on in my life. To which I answer, “If you’d read my blog, daddy, you wouldn’t only know what was going on, but could even see pictures of it.” So, this is a bit of a test to see if he actually reads it. (Which I know he doesn’t.) And because all the quotes he gave me I found ironically to be from just one man.
Henry David Thoreau. (1817-1862)

Which is your favorite?


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Leftover love from Random Charlotte

Today I have a guest post from Random Charlotte, a lover of the environment stationed in the lovely Carolinas! Her blog focuses on how small acts can make a big difference using a humorous, light-hearted spin. Check out her site to learn about environmentally friendly cleaning products, reducing junk mail and fuel usage, the benefits of researching before purchasing, and other earth lovin’ ideas! Her article about leftovers as featured in July’s edition of Planetsave:

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Guest post from Anne Schroeder: A typical day in “Green” Acres

(As promised— a day in the life of Anne Schroeder’s childhood told with wit, humor and practical common sense. All things Anne.)

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Attaining Balance (Guest Post by Waste AM!)

Joddle is a blogger and podcaster from London. Her personal aim is to reduce consumption and to waste less.

In blog mode!

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