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Organic Meat pie

This is actually supposed to be made of possum, but I was fresh out. Not that I wouldn’t use one if I ever hit one on the side of the road….

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When relatives give you moose meat….

Before the move, thoughtful relatives bestowed upon us a pound of moose meat. “Put it in a stew,” they said. But once I thawed it, it resembled ground hamburger so I scanned on-line to see how to cook it. Everyone had a different recipe for moose burgers….so this is what I came up with: mooseloaf.
Since the ingredients were similar to the ones for meatloaf, I decided to try to make it in a similar manner. After all, who am I to waste moose?

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Farm tour!

Last weekend we took a FARM TOUR! New Leaf market sponsored it’s 4th Annual Farm Tour on October 15th and 16th throughout north Florida and south Georgia. Thirty-two farms, ranches, orchards, creameries, dairies, smokehouses, pastures, gardens, institutes, vineyards, homesteads, markets, and cafes opened their doors and  took part from Bonifay to Lake City, Florida, all the way to Moultrie, Georgia.

We chose to drive two hours into Florida to Deep Roots Meat to discover where our food comes from and to meet our future dinner. My dad and his wife even drove an hour in to join the tour. I just finished Fast Food Nation and one of Schlosser’s main questions is, “Where does your food come from?” The “Super Size Me” and “Food Inc.” documentaries give us an idea if we buy it at the supermarket and fast food restaurants.

Where does our food actually come from? I was about to find out!

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