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Trying shampoo bars

So, no poo was a big fail. I wrote about that disaster here.
How about shampoo bars?

This is what I found.




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So we got a new dishwasher…

I’ve never purchased a dish washer before. We always washed by hand until the last two houses we rented. And then I fell in love with convenience…

The former owners of the house took the dishwasher so we hit the stores on Black Friday this year.

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A few green treats

Look what I found at Costco! They were giving out their samples on these napkins! Everywhere I look, I’m finding a bit of green.


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Eco packaging

Sending those last minute packages? Or shipping year round? Get a load of this!


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Detergent, step aside. I found soap berries!

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Press ‘n seal substitute

Maybe someone out there has a  better idea. A lot of the products we are using are not green. Once we finish them, we try to find a greener, or more creative idea. Being frugal is part of being waste free, and I’m not going to throw something out if I still have some left.

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Environmental wine?

Making your own would be the zero-waste way to drink wine. That’s high on my list but we gave this one a try until then…


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STOP bagging my purchase! Please?

These days the first thing out of my mouth when I stand in front of any cashier isn’t, “Hello, How are you?” I don’t have time to say that. If I don’t practically jump over the counter at the same time they ring me up with, “I don’t need a bag,” they are simply too fast and my product swings slowly from side to side in an unwanted plastic bag, my own canvas bag either in my hand or hanging on my shoulder. Right there in front of them. Right there ready to be used. Right there!!!

Hands down, my FAVORITE— manufactured out of a chicken feed bag by the back yard farmers at Farm Fresh in St. Marys, GA.. Spacious, stylish and my favorite color–GREEN. AND the baby loves to crawl all over it because it crinkles. It’s one of her favorite toys—besides a crinkling packet of wipies.

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Amazing biodegradable products

End of summer picnics, holiday celebrations, birthday parties. This year, go a different route and try some of these biodegradable and reusable products for your outing rather than styrofoam or the dreaded plastic #6. Remember–regular polyethylene-based plastic can take over 100 years to degrade. Products I’ve used and those I plan to try…

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Alternative to aerosol spray cans—in the kitchen

My husband’s parents are gift-givers. Since we have everything we need and more, they are always looking for green ideas for us to make life easier.


Knowing our love of olive oil, last Christmas they bestowed upon us a refillable pump sprayer for cooking.

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