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Making your own clothes line

My husband chopped down bamboo, made two tri-pods and constructed a clothes line for me. I’d been begging for one and bamboo is marvelous, you really can make so many things from it.


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Homemade bird feeder from license plate

Did I show you these?
When we moved in, the previous owner had left them in the back yard.
What a creative idea!

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Homemade bird feeder

I found this idea–in none other than a McDonald’s magazine. It was such a great idea, I took a picture of it and thought I’d blog it out. I think some kid sent it in. So creative!

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Making liquid hand soap

We wanted to try making our own liquid soap so that we wouldn’t have to buy anymore = no more plastic containers and just refill the ones we had. We scoured the web and found a homemade liquid soap┬árecipe from The Farmer’s Nest that looked easy enough.

It worked!

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