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Drying cranberries

Close to Christmas time, I bought a bag of full, ripe cranberries. They were beautiful, blood red and stunning to look at.  Too tart to eat, the man in the produce aisle told me I could boil them down and add lots of sugar and they’d be homemade.

I chose instead to make my very own dried cranberries.



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Homemade bread crumbs

With that next loaf of homemade bread, don’t forget to save those bread crumbs for future recipes. I freeze mine.


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Heidi’s homemade coconut oil granola

Before the move, I tried Heidi’s Healthy Coconut Oil Granola off  the  blog LightlyCrunchy. I tweaked the recipe just a pinch as I didn’t have all the ingredients in the house. The original is at the link above. Check out Heidi’s site regardless for a refreshing ride of simple living and quick, kid-friendly recipes.

Made a perfect breakfast alternative! Thanks Heidi!


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Making your own unprocessed granola

Unwilling to buy something I can make, and trying to escape from the dreaded packaging, I found this recipe on one of my all-time favorite food sites, Attracting Wellness. I’ve tried this oat and nut granola various times and it’s a head-turner every time.

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Homemade snack mix

This one’s for Heather, my twin (separated at birth.) Heather is a girl on the go, working non stop crazy hours at a medical residency in Kentucky. She often times doesn’t have time to cook or even to eat!

Heather told me she puts this snack mix in her pocket and eats on it throughout the day because it’s high in energy and keeps her going. I like it too and bought it for a long time, but it’s so simple, I decided to make it myself! It was so good, I couldn’t tell the difference!

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Nadine’s Soupe Verte

My version of Nadine’s French Green soup…Soupe verte in celebration of her zero waste lifestyle. Making this soup can save wilting greens from the fridge that need to be used up. Or save them FROM wilting! (Nadine–I didn’t have all the ingredients and I have a helluva time following directions. But I did get the gist of it and it turned out fabulous!) Might be the best soup I’ve ever made.

How to make your own peanut butter

I haven’t bought peanut butter in over a year! I make it fresh, and made to order whenever I need it for a recipe…or a sandwich. It takes less than five minutes.

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How to make homemade Greek yogurt

Making  Greek yogurt is cheaper than buying it, and easy to make.
This is how you do it!

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