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Making paint out of old chalk

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Holiday green finds

We found a gingerbread house at the library made entirely of cardboard and paper. The oversized peppermints are paper plates, the red and white checkered path–computer paper. If you strain through the window you can see a precious tiny face.

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From cheese to candles

Not ready to give up my soft cheeses that come in the red wax just yet. So, I melted the wax down and made candles out of them.


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Happy Holidays

While unpacking last spring, I ran across this card from my niece whom we lost in 2012 at 12 years old.

I don’t know when she created it for me. It must have been before I got married as there is no mention of anyone but me on the card.

It was as if a quiet whisper of her voice rang through my ears encompassing me in peace and love for that moment. All I could see was her smile.

When I find things like this randomly, I believe she left them for me in that very spot for me to find.


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Commissary find

My husband sent this little nugget from the commissary on base while in Hawaii. A recycling bin sat beneath this advertisement for bags to be used again.
Kudos to the commissary!


Reusing what you have

Though we planted too early this year in the hot southern sun and everything flowered and bloomed and bloomed and flowered and never produced any food, we did learn a lesson.

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DIY Shelf Made With Recycled Wood and Hemp Rope

How awesome is she? (Written by my favorite thrift shopper, take a look at what she made!)

Thrift Shopping Buzz

Hello Everyone!

Happy Friday! Today I want to share a DIY shelf made with recycled wood and hemp rope. I’m planning to use this in my bathroom to store all the small samples of beauty products that I seem to collect.

ShelfShelf up close

We had a small pile of wood sitting around and I suggested to my boyfriend that we make something with it.  He is better using the tools than I am– I’m more of the idea person. Which means– he did the actual work.

I found a couple of ideas on Pinterest and we went to work. Well, I should clarify– my boyfriend went to work. It took him about two hours to make this shelf from start to finish.

Original shelf

The photo above was our inspiration. And the pile of wood we used was originally going to be used for a pool cue rack (there’s no longer a pool table…

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