Drying cranberries

Close to Christmas time, I bought a bag of full, ripe cranberries. They were beautiful, blood red and stunning to look at.  Too tart to eat, the man in the produce aisle told me I could boil them down and add lots of sugar and they’d be homemade.

I chose instead to make my very own dried cranberries.



I dehydrated them in the dehydrator without blanching first.

I probably left them in way too long because God knows I don’t ever read the directions.

My results were cranberries so dry, they practically turned to cranberry dust at the touch of my hand. And tart/tasteless?

Oh yeah.

I should have titled this Cranberry fail.

(What a mess. I guess I could have at least drank the juice.)

It’s July and they are patiently sitting on my shelf while I figure out what in the world to do with them.

Any ideas on what to do with cranberry dust?


One response to “Drying cranberries

  1. Oh my… so sorry. Maybe they could be ‘flavouring’ if you make little cakes/muffins?

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