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14 winter energy-saving tips

Keep warm! These tips from the Georgia Power earthcents pamphlet (we received in the mail with our power bill before we left Georgia) were all pretty darn good!

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Trying out the bread machine!

Last year, we were given a used bread machine and I simply never got around to trying it out. Boy, what was I thinking, right? As Mom Photographer said…Talk about making life easier. I threw all the ingredients in and three hours later…


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Take a minute…

You deserve to take a deep breath of fresh, fall air.
Look out your window.

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St. Marys Garden Club

There are many wonderful things about small towns, now aren’t there? Small town newspapers, downtown pubs, exciting little clubs like Rotary and Garden Clubs and Community Gardens full of interesting folks.

Before we moved from Georgia, I happened upon the St. Marys Garden Club at a town fair. I meant to write about it ages ago, but like so many things in my life, it slipped right through.

Let me show you some trinkets they created!


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Kroger’s bring your own bag

What a thrill to pull into a grocery store and be reminded as I park—DON’T FORGET YOUR BAG, MORON.

Okay, that’s not exactly what it said…

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Aveda Salon will take your tops!

Off your bottles, not off your back!


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8 green ideas for baby working so far

I thought the baby would add all sorts of environmental things to write about. Not so. She’s made relatively little difference in our green lifestyle.

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Giving up steamable vegetables

Yes ma’am. As convenient as they are, I just could not deal with all the excess plastic.


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To blow dry or not to blow dry.

This subject seems so frivolous, but I feel a twinge of guilt each time I chose the hair dryer over letting my hair dry naturally. Men have it so easy! It’s sort of like drying your clothes in the dryer rather than hanging them on the line. Not life or death, but it makes a big difference.

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Uses for olive oil other than the kitchen

If you remember, my Roman-wanna-be husband once wrote a post about shaving with olive oil. In the dry winter months, I’ve found other uses for it too.

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