To market, to market, jiggity jig.

Visiting the “local” market sounded exciting! In south Florida where citrus blooms and food grows year round, everything just had to be fabulous, right?




The market brimmed with many organic, lovely green things. Mediterranean food, essential oils, Peruvian food, raw honey, organic smoothie and juices, buckets of olives, dessert and bread stands, soup and dinner stands, plenty of produce, babies in strollers, sugar encrusted nuts and just about anything you could think of. Of course, I didn’t take too many pictures of anything as I had the camera in the baby’s face all the time.


It’s located in a huge building, similar to a barn. Decorated and bright, it’s called Green and Yellow Market. Teeming with clothes, homemade goods, and produce, how could one go wrong? There are even play horses to ride on for 50 cents.

The market is only open on weekends. I wasn’t too impressed with the prices. They seemed about the same as the sky-high priced Publix grocery store and the produce wasn’t the freshest. Mushy grapes  and the oranges lacked the dripping juice of the Georgia oranges from the trees in the back yard. I even took the grapes back once while still in the building.  The organic food looked fabulous, but it comes from all over South America. How do I know it’s really organic? And organic prices I always find a bit scary. Paying a high price for something I don’t know is organic…..hmmm….I’d rather grow my own.


I’ve heard cactus juice helps with aches and pains, arthritis, etc. Why not just eat the plant? But how do I make it?

I asked the guy selling them and he replied, “I don’t eat those. I’m not Mexican.”
“What are you?” my mom asked.
“I’m Cuban,” and he pointed at a girl behind the stand. “She’ll know. She’s Mexican.”

Boil them with salt and a bit of onion.
And then I lost her. Something about making a salad with tomato and maybe garlic? Maybe it was cilantro. Or I could grill them with salt.

Doesn’t sound too appealing but I’ll try anything once. Besides, it might help my leg….maybe.


The Mediterranean food–mediocre. Though, I’ll give the grape leaves an A+.


And Miss Precious had a good ol’ time.


Grapes in mouth.

IMG_6874 IMG_6817

Well, I’ll keep searching until I find what I’m looking for. That’s half the fun, right? Or there’s always the option of growing my own down here in the year-round warm Florida sun. That sounds more and more appealing each and every day.

Any special holiday food sold in your neck of the woods this time of year?


4 responses to “To market, to market, jiggity jig.

  1. If you are able and if you can growing your own is always better. I am useless at growing anything so I have to buy from supermarkets. The stuff looks ok but is probably covered in chemicals…. DIY and you can be sure that you will have good fresh food… are you settling in to new home

  2. Poor Emma looks terrified in first picture

    • Slowwwwly, very slowly! Ha. We work all day and it looks like we haven’t made a dent. Though we have, it just seems to be going very slowly. You are so right about growing our own. I am looking forward to trying it. And your comment made me laugh about her looking terrified! That’s her smile she gives when we say, “Smile for the camera!” Ha! Ha! How is your Christmas weather coming along? What did you all do for the holidays?

  3. A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Sorry I’ve been away! Life very busy here with school at home now. I hope you are settling into your new house now. So very nice that you have a market to go to; we are too far away from anything doable. As for growing your own, if I can do it, you can too. 😀

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