The great tree debate

About two years ago I put up a poll as to whether I should get a real tree or a fake one. We ended up getting a tiny real “plant” that would eventually grow into a nice little tree to go with us wherever we went.


And then I killed it in a military move.

So, we went the ceramic route. My grandma made it years ago. She would love the fact it’s being used and loved.


This year, we’re sticking with the ceramic one as there is no room for anything else in this sea of boxes. We’ve been using it since I killed the last one and everyone seems to really like it.

Little Precious enjoys pulling the tiny lights off and putting them back on with her tiny fingers.

Is it a green choice? Well, we can use it year after year and pass it down to Miss Precious. And I found the lights for it in the recycling bin in Wisconsin.

Maybe I’ll try that “plant” tree again another time. I could most certainly use some green indoors. And we could use it year round!

What are your holiday traditions this year?

3 responses to “The great tree debate

  1. That looks like a cute little tree. I appreciate your wish to recycle and minimise waste, I agree. For some years I had been buying a ‘live’ tree but they never survived the winter afterwards. This year I finally bought a proper little ‘live’ Fir from a garden centre. It is a Korean Fir and it is so beautiful. I decorated it and it looks lovely. But most of all I love it because it is alive, and this time I am going to keep it inside for the worst of the winter months. It will be like a house plant! Have a lovely Christmas time! šŸ™‚
    By the way you could see my little tree in one of my blogs.

  2. you sure did Mrs! Maybe it would better to have a pretend will live longer, much cheaper in the long run and you cannot kill its greener

  3. I think every property could benefit with a Christmas tree type conifer planted in the front or backyard. It would serve its purpose year round and double as something to decorate for the holidays — without the chopping.

    The ceramic tree with lights is a fab idea! Especially for passing down. As the Christmas tree is merely a representation of eternal life, it seems counter-productive to kill one just to fit that purpose for a few weeks.

    We are using the same artificial from 1998 that we modified last year (removing 2 feet) to account for the closed in ceiling that resulted in a classroom upstairs. It’s so much easier to decorate now — no ladder, and the kids do it all! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope things are settling down a bit.

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