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The great tree debate

About two years ago I put up a poll as to whether I should get a real tree or a fake one. We ended up getting a tiny real “plant” that would eventually grow into a nice little tree to go with us wherever we went.


And then I killed it in a military move.

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Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…

You made the decision for the tree we have this year! The polls have been tallied and the results are in…
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Real or fake tree for the holidays?

Which do you think is more environmentally sound? A real tree or a fake one? We’ve been undecided for the past two years, so we haven’t put up one at all! I’ve never tried a poll before, so let’s do one! Let us know what you think and whatever number is highest by December 15th is the one we’ll choose!

Manly men removing the tree.

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