Green things we did while sort of homeless #2

2. While between houses, we lived in a furnished apartment for 3 months, so okay, we weren’t really anywhere near homeless. But it did feel like it. Since, well, we didn’t have a home and our real home was now up for sale. They didn’t recycle at the apartment, but guess who did?


Well, the city park of course. Since we dropped off EVERYTHING there, we asked permission but with the fact there is an RV park located on the premises, of course they said yes. Each week, we filled their containers plum full.

Even though they accept glass, they said no beer or wine bottles because there is no drinking in the park.

Hmm…so we didn’t drink in the park and dropped them in anyway. I wonder what the RVer’s did with their beer bottles….



2 responses to “Green things we did while sort of homeless #2

  1. well done is only by example that people will realise the benefits,
    Lots of happiness in your new home

  2. When we lived at the apartment last year while the house was a wreck, we hauled off ALL of our trash (compost, recycling, curbside). It was not easy managing waste, but we did it, too!!

    It takes a dedicated (earth) person to inconvenience herself while displaced with a family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you continue to do. You are my hero!

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