Reusable advent calendar

Never introduced to the advent calendar until adult age, I adore the idea of it. Who wouldn’t want a tiny bite of chocolate each day to count off the days until Christmas?

I bought two this year! One chocolate and one reusable because unfortunately chocolate simply cannot be reused. Shame really…


One came from the NEX on base, European chocolates hidden beneath each door. It contains a busy Christmas scene for us to discuss– the snow outside the window, why it isn’t cold in Florida during Christmas, why we’ll never have any snow here, making cookies and the ingredients needed, counting the pets in the picture and the responsibilites of owning one. So many things to talk about. Oh, darn. One little door has already disappeared. The cardboard and plastic can be recycled and the chocolate won’t last long.


But my favorite might be a reusable advent calendar I found featuring none other than the Disney’s Frozen sisters Anna and Elsa. Half the calendar is made of felt and thread, the other half with a cheap plastic  featuring the two sisters. Hmm….I could have done better I suppose on my search to shy away from the plastic but my main reason for buying it: to use the counting teaching tool and because it would keep the attention of a 3-year-old as its the only movie she’s ever watched.

I like that the calendar can be reused every year.


This year it reinforces the numbers to 25 and we’re also learning first, second, third, forth, etc. because we all have to wait in line at the post office.

Happy Holidays.


2 responses to “Reusable advent calendar

  1. Love advent calendars……gave it to all my grandchildren…..

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