Holiday makings where the snow doesn’t fall

It’s strange celebrating the winter holidays with no snow. It just seems unnatural. But I have to give it to south Florida, they really have tried to bring the winter festivities to town.

Even Santa wears sunglasses.


Here are a few of the holiday treats we’ve found around town.

These videos taken at the end of November involved the city park tree lighting. The city blew out fake snow (soap foam) that the kids tried to catch. It was wonderful to watch!

At Bass Pro Shop:
(No really this is our living room. We finally put the tree up! Ha!)IMG_7008 IMG_6992 IMG_6988 IMG_6948 IMG_6942 IMG_6932 IMG_6918 IMG_6912 IMG_6909

At the Friends of the library Christmas guitar party. (She got serenaded.)

IMG_7111 IMG_7112


At yet another Christmas tree (Christmas music synchronized) lighting.

IMG_7117 IMG_7130

A holiday bike parade. I’m not much for taking pictures in the dark but the lights on the bikes were amazing.

IMG_7105 IMG_7106 IMG_7107

And making the gingerbread house at home. (My first ever.) Though she wouldn’t help me, she just wanted to eat the candy. So, that didn’t work so well….maybe next year.IMG_6518 IMG_6536 IMG_6547


What did you find this year?


6 responses to “Holiday makings where the snow doesn’t fall

  1. I was in Florida for Christmas, many years ago. We stayed at a motel…no shops were open, no christmassy food, We made a tree out of twigs , cut out green leaves from wrapping paper and used sweet wrappers to decorate….BUT I will say that USA knows how to decorate their houses and things..that will remain in my memory forever…She did not look so happy in one photograph ..what happened?
    She is a beautiful little girl and you and your husband are so lucky to have her… Happy Christmas Day!

  2. Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you enjoyed your Christmas here in Florida! The baby wasn’t happy because one of the guitar players got down on his knee and sang to her. Then he sat next to her. She didn’t know him and I think it just scared her. He got up and left and I held her tight and she was good as new! Merry Christmas! And thank you so much for the ecard. We loved it!

  3. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you are having so much fun! Love the Gingerbread house, you did an awesome job. Miss you!!!!

  4. She is getting cuter and cuter 🙂
    I have abandoned the idea of making gingerbread house this year, knowing it will be me making
    I’m planning to do it next year, though.

  5. It was so much fun! Ha! Ha! I look at it every day and it takes me away to a little fairy land where I imagine I could visit there.

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