A Happy Anniversary

What girl doesn’t appreciate flowers? For her birthday. Her Anniversary. For Valentine’s. But especially for no reason at all.


Our first married Valentine’s the hubby was out at sea. But he made sure to take good care in reminding me I wasn’t forgotten. I took some pictures of myself so he could see how much I appreciated the thought. 🙂

IMG_7096 IMG_7078 IMG_7097

This year for our 4th anniversary, the flower shop was closed on his way home. Until the end of the month. 😦

So, he took his time coming in from the garage. I figured something must be up. I noticed him on the back porch hunched over the table. He’d picked and arranged a lovely bouquet from the yard and spent a good amount of time on it.

Cut and bought flowers are nice, don’t get me wrong. And a bunch of red roses always steal my heart.

But, nothing could get better than this.
Out of the back yard.
And probably better for the environment in some way or another.
With a husband not deployed, a healthy baby who circles my feet as I cook in the kitchen untying my shoe strings, a warm house and beautiful weather, I couldn’t ask for more.

Not even for flowers. He took care of that.


Thank you, sweet man.
For thinking of everything.



6 responses to “A Happy Anniversary

  1. That is totally the best kind of flower gift!! They’re beautiful!

  2. these are beautiful! You’re one lucky girl!!!

  3. Bless his heart! Happy Anniversary!

    My bf’s bought them once – a few weeks ago when I got home from a course out of town. I’d been super moody and tied, so he also cleaned the house, which almost was the better gift :p And of course he knew what I liked, having quizzed me a few times. I love lillies – they last well and smell great. There’s a few others I like, so in true fashion, I also emailed a pictorial essay (he likes this!) so I can have variety.

  4. Wow.. I love it! Not only a sweet hearted man, but a creative one as well. That arrangement is gorgeous! I also really enjoy those photos of joyful-You being delighted with the roses he sent. Thanks for sharing! ~Gina

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