Hello fall!

Fall has officially arrived in Wisconsin!
Come take a look out the window.

IMG_7075 IMG_7078 IMG_7090


What is your favorite season?



2 responses to “Hello fall!

  1. Beautiful photos. I think I like spring best because everything in the north comes alive with colors and new growth. It’s followed closely by fall.

  2. I use to like the spring because it was like a new beginning but over time I have learned to appreciate all that fall brings. I like the color and the soft crunch of fallen leaves as you walk through them and the honking geese flying south. The brisk air is so fresh it makes me feel alive and want to get out and do something. It is nice to get into fall clothes that hide all the imperfections that summer clothes show off….hmmmm I’m thinking comfort food….pot roast… well enough on that subject!!

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