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Here we go round the mulberry bush…

I never knew what that was, I’d only heard the song as a child. This summer when we moved into our home in Wisconsin, my husband tramped inĀ from bushwhacking through the woods in the back yard to bestow upon me a gift.


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Hello fall!

Fall has officially arrived in Wisconsin!
Come take a look out the window.

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To market, to market to buy a fat pig

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.
(Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I’ve been reading too many nursery rhymes.)

Paralyzed with fear there would be no farmer’s market wherever we moved, I’m telling you, small towns refuse to let you down!


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Amish find!

I am LOVING Wisconsin. Not only do they have tons of snow in winter, we’re surrounded by dairy farms, the stores are full of fresh cheese, and traffic barely exists in this town But the best find yet?

Amish stores! Amish stores! Amish stores!

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Hello Wisconsin!

(That would be said in Ashton Kutcher’s voice from That 70’s Show. He says it at the end of the song. I hear it every time I look out the window.)


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