The not so green pumpkin = #5

#5. We inherited two pumpkins this year from the generous woman across the apartment complex who moved out.


Carved those babies up and visited the pumpkin patch because our happy soon-to-be 2-year-old HAD to learn about pumpkins.


IMG_6208 IMG_6205

(Which she continued to call pumpkin patch for the remainder of the holidays. I just couldn’t correct her, it was too cute. “No honey. That’s a pumpkin. Not a pumpkin patch.”)

IMG_5961 IMG_6057 IMG_6078

It was too big to fit in the freezer experiment.

And so once it started to go and its face showed slight signs of mold and caved in, it ended up in the trash. 😦

Next year—when we’re set up in the house. When we aren’t in transition. Next year when we’re settled….

Cooked the seeds and placed them in a container that used to hold something else. Lost two pounds eating those as a snack with water. Ha!IMG_6255

We sure did enjoy those crazy pumpkins though. And the holidays glowed bright orange this year.



2 responses to “The not so green pumpkin = #5

  1. what fun, she is really enjoying herself…and pumpkin seeds do make a lovely necklace when dried as well as a snack

  2. I went on a pumpkin seed binge over the fall. I wish they sold them all year round!
    Love seeing that you’re back online. I’ve missed seeing your voice.

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