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STOP bagging my purchase! Please?

These days the first thing out of my mouth when I stand in front of any cashier isn’t, “Hello, How are you?” I don’t have time to say that. If I don’t practically jump over the counter at the same time they ring me up with, “I don’t need a bag,” they are simply too fast and my product swings slowly from side to side in an unwanted plastic bag, my own canvas bag either in my hand or hanging on my shoulder. Right there in front of them. Right there ready to be used. Right there!!!

Hands down, my FAVORITE— manufactured out of a chicken feed bag by the back yard farmers at Farm Fresh in St. Marys, GA.. Spacious, stylish and my favorite color–GREEN. AND the baby loves to crawl all over it because it crinkles. It’s one of her favorite toys—besides a crinkling packet of wipies.

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Plastic never goes away…

We hear so much about a plastic free lifestyle for a reason…
This video puts it all in perspective.
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Blast it! I forgot my bag!

This has happened to us all….now, hasn’t it? The question is: What do you do?

Most folks will give in and take a bag, swearing to themselves they’ll remember next time. And I’ve been known to do that. But I’ve been better known to walk out of the store with cucumbers cradled beneath my armpits, and all the other products stacked up, balancing tomatoes against my chin. I’m determined, damn it. The system is not going to beat me.

I mean, seriously?

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