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Detergent, step aside. I found soap berries!

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Recycling every little thing

This is my little green set up or how my recycling program runs in the house. It is pretty messy…..are you ready for this?

Not the neatest, but we're working on it....

Not the neatest, but we’re working on it….

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Unable to follow directions

Do you remember those tests they gave you in elementary school where the teacher told you to read the directions as she passed them out? The first two lines read, “Read all of the directions before beginning the test. Write your name at the top of your paper and put down your pencil.”

There were students who did just that and then sat, swinging their feet and twisting around to spy on all the students who raced to finish and answer number 15.

I made it all the way to # 15.



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Afraid of the sushi man.

For a while, I passed the sushi aisle, feeling put out that I couldn’t eat my favorite, quick meal because I’d “given it up due to the packaging, blah, blah, blah.” Sure, I could still eat it fresh at a restaurant any day, but I just wasn’t so sure the handsome, smiling, Japanese man behind the counter at the commissary would be willing to place the homemade sushi rolls in the empty container I held out. Besides the fact, I’d have to arrive at just the right moment—first thing in the morning when they opened–while he created them, but before he packaged the lovely rolls. I had to time it just right…it seemed like such a pain.

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