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What can I do with this?

These reusable bags aren’t as sturdy as the canvas bags. They are great…..until they tear. ūüė¶

So what are my options? Any ideas?

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Press ‘n seal substitute

Maybe someone out there has a ¬†better idea. A lot of the products we are using are not green. Once we finish them, we try to find a greener, or more creative idea. Being frugal is part of being waste free, and I’m not going to throw something out if I still have some left.

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Baby products you don’t really need

As I’ve discussed before in OMG Baby Consignment, baby “necessities” are a huge consumer market. And if you don’t have the money? Or if you’re just not buying into it, then what do you have?

Imagination and make-shift resources! This is something I LOVE doing–figuring out how creative I can be by doing without or better yet, making do with what I have (like in my make-shift bed post). Check out my baby changing station!

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To blow dry or not to blow dry.

This subject seems so frivolous, but I feel a twinge of guilt each time I chose the hair dryer over letting my hair dry naturally. Men have it so easy! It’s sort of like drying your clothes in the dryer rather than hanging them on the line. Not life or death, but it makes a big difference.

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Unplugging it

When I lived in D.C., a huge “I will turn it off/ I will unplug it more” campaign splashed the walls of the subway and the glass shelters of each bus stop I passed. I don’t remember who ran the ads, but I remember them five years later. (Now, that’s good advertising.)

I also remember thinking, “I didn’t realize unplugging was such a big deal. Does it really waste that much electricity?”

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Innovative ways of reusing, reusing, reusing….

My husband’s hobby is composting. Mine is trying to find different ways to reuse. It is so much fun, it should be illegal.

My neighbor reused her shutters to make a raised bed. The woman’s a genius.

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Holiday wrapping paper

I overheard a conversation this month:

“We need to go buy wrapping paper tomorrow.”
“Wrapping paper. Why?”
“Uh, because you’re going to wrap my presents before you give them to me, that’s why.”

Which got my little green mind to thinking….why do presents have to be wrapped in wrapping paper? Because of tradition? Because that’s what we remember as kids? Because that’s what’s expected or what we’ve always done?¬†My husband ¬†says, “Why do they have to be wrapped at all?”

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Harvesting fall veggies

We are producing so fast, we can’t eat all the food. Especially the mustard greens. ¬† I’ve given away 7 bags of greens, plus the 3 we’ve eaten. Now, that’s some garden! Take a peek!

The curly-cue carrots.

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Switching toothbrushes and floss

The only toothbrushes we’ve found that are 100% compostable are sold in Canada. Well, if we have to have it shipped from another country, how are we reducing our carbon footprint?

So, we decided to buy what’s offered locally. We’ve switched brands of dental floss and I’m trying out a Preserve toothbrush made from recycled yogurt cups. (They also sell recyclable razors and tongue cleaners.) The toothbrush works the same as any other toothbrush I’ve ever owned.

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Ziploc bags

I haven’t bought Ziploc bags since 2008. ¬†Know why?

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