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Trying shampoo bars

So, no poo was a big fail. I wrote about that disaster here.
How about shampoo bars?

This is what I found.




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My disaster with “no poo”

No poo simply means “no shampoo.” Many folks I know have switched over and absolutely LOVE it, including my husband. This is how you make it and what happened to my hair when I tried it:

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Squeezing out the last bit!

When I first got married, this is something I did that received one of those “looks.” You know….the one that says, “WHAT are you doing?” without actually using any words. For some reason, I just LOVE those looks. It proves to me I haven’t conformed and “sold out” after all. I’m still original. I haven’t meshed. I’m thinking outside of the box. Even though, to me….it seems a completely normal thing to do….and I know some of you do it too!

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