Press ‘n seal substitute

Maybe someone out there has a  better idea. A lot of the products we are using are not green. Once we finish them, we try to find a greener, or more creative idea. Being frugal is part of being waste free, and I’m not going to throw something out if I still have some left.

For example—Press n’ seal. IMG_9842

I loved this stuff. I even tried to give it a second life by using it more than once. That usually didn’t work very well unless it was a piece of toast. Now that we finished the roll, I’m not buying anymore because it’s plastic that can’t be recycled.

Instead, I’ve been preserving leftovers like this:
1) I place old cereal bags over the plate of food.
2) I place old Ziploc bags over a bowl of food.
3) Tupperware containers
4) Glass Tupperware
5) Sometimes a bowl upside down over the plate or bowl of original use.

Any other ideas? I’m all ears.


8 responses to “Press ‘n seal substitute

  1. I love those sets of three elastic plastic bowl covers. My grandmother used to have them and when I found a set I bought them. They stretch to fit different size bowls and I wash and reuse nearly every day or two.

  2. When a kid doesn’t finish his/her meal, we simply lay a soup bowl upside down over the dish — same diameter as plate — and place in the fridge. It can easily be warmed in the microwave (my favorite kitchen slave!) in the same dish, and the “cover” gets wiped off and put back in the cabinet, saving clean-up as well.

    Great idea about reuse of cereal bags!! That makes me wonder how else I can re-purpose them…

  3. We just use the bowl/plate over top trick – same thing we did growing up. That, or some Tupperware that I bought ages ago at yard sales. Nice to see you back.

  4. many people do throw the old products when replacing them by greener options, i applaud your steadfast approach to ecological living..first re-re-use, then optimize each item mindfully.. it puts less in the dumpster more in the pocket for the good stuff.
    i do have a collection of spare lids saved from friend’s yard sales..they fit plates and bowls, most of them are the tempered glass ones from cookware. perfect.

  5. Abeego flats I’ve had some of these for a couple of years and I love them. Sure, they aren’t as convenient as tossing plastic wrap–you have to wash them–but convenience is overrated. I also have some beeswax at home and will attempt to make my own version of these.

  6. I saved the plastic lid
    from the Hershey chocolate can (yellow plastic lid) and use that on top of partial used canned food then put in the fridge for making soup or additive to the next meal. The lid fits perfect on bean or pea can!

  7. We don’t have press and seal here – I think it’s called cling wrap (saran wrap) perhaps? Anyhow, we only have it cause it’s from the merging of houses, but we seldom use it! We usually reheat in glass pyrex containers (leftovers), and I often put things in the fridge with no cover… nuts I know, but it’s ok

  8. Anne, Shannon, Heidi, Nadine, Anne Marie, Pat and Sarahn—-Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas and comments!
    I do most of these too but I was glad to hear I’m not alone in my effort to find something else that works and when Sarahn said she sometimes just sticks it in the fridge with no cover, it made me smile. I do that too!

    You ladies always make me feel less alone in my endeavors and always give such perfect ideas.

    @ Anne Marie–for bread and the such the idea with the abeego was exactly what I was looking for! I’m looking forward to giving that a try. About how long do they last? You said a couple of years—with the same ones? Because that would be right up my alley!

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