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#1 Moving boxes

1. Daily my mother traveled up the street to the Dollar Store or I trudged to the elementary school behind her home to pull out empty boxes from their trash and recycling bins.


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Press ‘n seal substitute

Maybe someone out there has a  better idea. A lot of the products we are using are not green. Once we finish them, we try to find a greener, or more creative idea. Being frugal is part of being waste free, and I’m not going to throw something out if I still have some left.

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Recycling every little thing

This is my little green set up or how my recycling program runs in the house. It is pretty messy…..are you ready for this?

Not the neatest, but we're working on it....

Not the neatest, but we’re working on it….

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Raisin waste

I purchased the little raisin packages for my husband’s lunch but once they were empty, I thought—what a waste to just throw them away.


And so….

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Plastic never goes away…

We hear so much about a plastic free lifestyle for a reason…
This video puts it all in perspective.
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Washing trash for TerraCycle

My husband looked over at me the other day and said, “Two years ago if you’d told me I’d be washing trash, I would have called you crazy.”

Ah, but look at the crazies now.

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Adding paper to the compost

We branched out from composting food scraps and organic matter. We started adding paper to the compost  about a year ago. My hubby thought if we shredded the heck out of it, it might compost faster. He was right!

Cross-cut shredded paper, almost pulp.

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Kudos to Starbucks…

I’m not one to pay $3 for a cup of coffee, and I know it’s not a “local” coffee shop,
but I have to give it to Starbucks when it comes to making an effort.

Starbucks bag.

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My man, the romantic recycler.

Guess what my man brought me home as he waltzed in the door from work? Even better than flowers! ha!

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E-scrap recycling turn out

The  e-scrap recycling turn out was a whiz-bang success! Sponsored by the N.G.O. St. Marys EarthKeepers and the St. Marys Tribune and Georgian,  I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun!

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