Environmental wine?

Making your own would be the zero-waste way to drink wine. That’s high on my list but we gave this one a try until then…


100% green energy–solar, wind and geothermal–used in the winery operation. Not to mention a nice red. What do you think? Green washing or the real thing?

IMG_1655 IMG_1651

Have you found any green wines or beers you’d like to share? Do you brew your own? Would you?



3 responses to “Environmental wine?

  1. Used to brew my own beer. Can’t say it was zero-waste though! I’ve threatened to do it again; perhaps when the kids are old enough to imbibe with me.

  2. Oh you’re back! Yay… How do you think it’s best to dispose of the stuff they put at the top of the bottle? Many bottles of wine in Australia are twist top now, so we throw it all in recycling…

  3. @Sarahn—-it is so good to hear from you. I’m going to try this again but this baby is keeping me hoppin’! Terracycle, a Canadian company that upcycles the un-recyclable (that is so not a word, is it?) takes the screw tops off wine lids, as well as corks, synthetic and natural here. I’m going to do a post about Terracycle as I’ve been using them for a while now, but it is always better to find an alternative or do without. This is for the stuff I give in to or can’t find an alternative for. Awesome that your country lets you put them in the recycling. Kudos for you guys!

    @Shannon–girl you are so much fun. You know if I was down there, we’d be brewing our own everything!

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