Alternative to aerosol spray cans—in the kitchen

My husband’s parents are gift-givers. Since we have everything we need and more, they are always looking for green ideas for us to make life easier.


Knowing our love of olive oil, last Christmas they bestowed upon us a refillable pump sprayer for cooking.

Other than one little piece of plastic, it’s completely metal, refillable and durable. I’ve dropped it multiple times. Something I couldn’t do with the glass bottle I usually use. We refill it with a massive glass or tin olive oil container that is easily recyclable.

And it’s similar to spraying hair spray, something I equate with fond 80’s middle school memories but would never use now. It makes coating veggies for baking…well…fun.

I’m sure there are others out there, but this one we received as a gift and really like it. It’s called the Misto and our in-laws bought it at Costco.

Cheers in-laws! 🙂

What have you found green to use in the kitchen?


Tell me what you think. I don't get to answer comments like I did before baby but I read every single comment. And they really make my day!

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