A few green treats

Look what I found at Costco! They were giving out their samples on these napkins! Everywhere I look, I’m finding a bit of green.


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Recycle those holiday cans for cash

Remember recycling cans (and sometimes bottles) equals cash. Turn those holiday parties into a little extra change.

We found this in Wisconsin the week we moved there but don’t think we ever used it but twice because we’d given up soda.


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The great tree debate

About two years ago I put up a poll as to whether I should get a real tree or a fake one. We ended up getting a tiny real “plant” that would eventually grow into a nice little tree to go with us wherever we went.


And then I killed it in a military move.

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Eco packaging

Sending those last minute packages? Or shipping year round? Get a load of this!


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Sustainable, handmade toy gift ideas

I found these ideas at the in-laws this summer.
And a big shout out to the both of them for the four extra hands when we moved in. Cannot thank you enough! We appreciate you both and all your help!

Take a peek at these homemade toys!


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The not so green pumpkin = #5

#5. We inherited two pumpkins this year from the generous woman across the apartment complex who moved out.


Carved those babies up and visited the pumpkin patch because our happy soon-to-be 2-year-old HAD to learn about pumpkins.


IMG_6208 IMG_6205

(Which she continued to call pumpkin patch for the remainder of the holidays. I just couldn’t correct her, it was too cute. “No honey. That’s a pumpkin. Not a pumpkin patch.”)

IMG_5961 IMG_6057 IMG_6078

It was too big to fit in the freezer experiment.

And so once it started to go and its face showed slight signs of mold and caved in, it ended up in the trash. :-(

Next year—when we’re set up in the house. When we aren’t in transition. Next year when we’re settled….

Cooked the seeds and placed them in a container that used to hold something else. Lost two pounds eating those as a snack with water. Ha!IMG_6255

We sure did enjoy those crazy pumpkins though. And the holidays glowed bright orange this year.


Green things we did while sort of homeless #4

We collected the compost and froze it in the freezer.


I figured, it’s only three months. It can sit in there. We mostly used plastic ice cream containers. By the end of the three-month period, room for ice cream didn’t exist.


Once we got to the house and set up the make-shift compost, it ate this stuff up. Though our first collection which we didn’t freeze, did not make it and produced many happy fruit flies.

Lesson learned.

Freeze it.


Green things we did while sort of homeless #3

3. Without the proper dishes to make food, we used what we had. My favorite thing to do.

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Green things we did while sort of homeless #2

2. While between houses, we lived in a furnished apartment for 3 months, so okay, we weren’t really anywhere near homeless. But it did feel like it. Since, well, we didn’t have a home and our real home was now up for sale. They didn’t recycle at the apartment, but guess who did?

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#1 Moving boxes

1. Daily my mother traveled up the street to the Dollar Store or I trudged to the elementary school behind her home to pull out empty boxes from their trash and recycling bins.


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