Reusable advent calendar

Never introduced to the advent calendar until adult age, I adore the idea of it. Who wouldn’t want a tiny bite of chocolate each day to count off the days until Christmas?

I bought two this year! One chocolate and one reusable because unfortunately chocolate simply cannot be reused. Shame really…


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Reusing what you have

Though we planted too early this year in the hot southern sun and everything flowered and bloomed and bloomed and flowered and never produced any food, we did learn a lesson.

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Recycling egg cartons and plastic bags in south Florida

The bad news is the recycling company refuses to take plastic bags and egg cartons or foam pads (that meat is usually sold on) in south Florida.

The good news is all this can be recycled. And guess where?

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Blueberry muffin recipe

Try number… oh I don’t even know….
I wanted to try baking muffins with coconut oil and I’d read somewhere using pastry flour makes for better baked goods. Well, the Amish know best about baked goods. Take a peek…

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To scare off the Friday the 13th blues…

A little green from the back yard…
He lives in our palm tree!

IMG_7106 IMG_7110

A greener breakfast option

I found another breakfast option that contains no plastic.


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A great little souvenir

Home from a business trip, somebody received a gift from dad. I thought it a great little souvenir, don’t you think? It’s made of wood, sustainable, not plastic. It’s a real musical instrument, child size.

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Composting dish cloths

This dish cloth has seen its last days.
Rather than trash it, I cut it up and put it in the compost as it’s 100% cotton.


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Drying cranberries

Close to Christmas time, I bought a bag of full, ripe cranberries. They were beautiful, blood red and stunning to look at. ¬†Too tart to eat, the man in the produce aisle told me I could boil them down and add lots of sugar and they’d be homemade.

I chose instead to make my very own dried cranberries.



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Making your own clothes line

My husband chopped down bamboo, made two tri-pods and constructed a clothes line for me. I’d been begging for one and bamboo is marvelous, you really can make so many things from it.


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