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By signing up on line and participating in the Recyclebank program that Jamie told me about (thank you Jamie), we get points for recycling every week. By answering surveys on line to learn more about recycling, I can accumulate even more points. The points can be used for various things—to buy items from a refurbished and green-ish store, a magazine subscription, every once in a blue moon a coupon for 10% off groceries at the grocery store, Publix, and lately to park at the beach for $1 all day, just to name a few.

I hadn’t received a magazine subscription in forever. In my opinion, it was something else to read, get rid of and just more waste.

But wait…

After I look through it, I can leave it at the V.A. Hospital for someone else to look through, recycle it, or use it as a teaching tool by cutting the pictures out which I find relaxing.



When my little one is off in dream land, I flip through magazines (so she doesn’t see me and think it’s normal to tear pages out of everything) and I create things she can learn from.

Once her vocabulary grows, and she learns to read, I have organized these words–verbs, nouns, body parts, holidays, etc in manilla folders and will pass them on to a teacher who will appreciate them and hopefully use them in their classroom.


What ideas do you have for magazines?

Can you recycle them where you live?


2 responses to “Free teaching tool

  1. Hey Jennifer, Love your blog, I’ve missed you. I’m having a terrible lapse in creativity. My idea for recycling use of a magazine is cut pages into strips and make those ring garland my generation loved along with cranberry and

  2. Claudia, that sounds LOVELY! I’ve missed you too! Happy Holidays lovely lady!

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