Why I have a hard time using disposable diapers

I cry every time I watch this.
I feel overwhelmed and inspired at the same time.

And I ask myself, “WHY don’t more people understand this? Take it more seriously? Give a damn? How can I get the message out? And what can I do, every single day of my existence to make a difference?”

This blog is not enough.

I need to work harder. Do more. Be better.

Make a difference.
Make a difference.
Make a difference.

What’s one thing you try to do to make a difference every day?


7 responses to “Why I have a hard time using disposable diapers

  1. Yep. In the words of Wangari Maathai, “I will be the hummingbird.  I’m doing the best I can.”  (I linked the video.  I’m sure it will inspire you as it does me.)

    Keep on your path, Jennifer!  What you do is NOT for nothing — we will stick together like comrades-in-arms.  I put saved Trashed to my DVD queue.  The world will come around one day.

    PS — I just watched a fantastic video presentation on single-stream recycling by Waste Management.  I’ll not link it here lest this comment makes it into your spam folder.

  2. Here is a 7-minute video presentation of how single-stream recycling works. No matter what happens in the US, it’s clear that it MUST BE EASY for the consumer to do. People are lazy. If Waste Management can successfully automate recycle sorting from one big rubble pile, just think of the possibilities!!

    Like your Trashed movie, it too gives me hope for humanity.

  3. Oh…and another thing. I EC-trained (elimination communication) my second child. I was a complete success!! If it wasn’t for having a boisterous toddler (his older brother) and a new baby to stir things up a bit, I might have made time to do the same with Baby No’s 3 and 4. Baby No 4 in a body cast, eliminating when I asked, would have been blessed in look-back.

    Funny to think that a newborn infant can be taught to not soil the nest (a/k/a/ relieve when mama says). The whole “potty-training” thing — which is just UN-TRAINING what we taught them for three years, pee and poop in your pants — was moot. So convenient, that one.

    Funny how few Americans do this. It’s mostly a rural thing in other countries (where I learned it). We just slap a disposable nappy on them, and VOILA! Problem solved.

  4. I used disposable diapers with mine – I wasn’t thinking back in those days at all. I wish I had used cloth diapers.

  5. WOW that was an eye opener video….I think the schools should make a bigger deal out of recycling….the children might be able to teach the parents something…we still have a long way to go.

  6. I share your frustration, Jennifer at the fact that most people are oblivious to the problems we are creating. But worse than that, if they could make a change for the positive that would be less convenient for themselves – such as purchasing beverages that were put in glass bottles rather than aluminum cans or plastic bottles – I doubt the majority of people would make the effort to do it.

    I guess we have to remember that education is a process – not an event.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments. They always make me think and inspire me to push on.
    And Heidi—the difference is most people do know now but they still don’t. You would have if you’d known. That’s why I started this crazy blog. I thought if I could just give one person one idea they hadn’t thought of before….but I ended up getting threefold ideas from the readers!

Tell me what you think. I don't get to answer comments like I did before baby but I read every single comment. And they really make my day!

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