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Finding a greener deodorant

Deodorant. Now, this is one product I feel is a necessity but plagued with plastic that cannot be recycled. Making your own deodorant would be ideal. I’d read a few that stained your armpits (um, no) until Mom Photographer showed up with this one which is creamy and smooth and lasts forever. However, if you don’t have the time to make your own, I have found an alternative…

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Planting seeds in what?

Frustrated at constantly having to buy peat pots which cause the darn plants to go root bound, I ended up peeling off the entire thing to keep the roots intact. The pots ended up in the compost. What a waste. Now I find out peat isn’t sustainable? Time for a new plan…

The peat pots last gardening season.

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What I deserve

When I get on Skype with Michelle and I’m wearing my winter hat, I tell her I’m having a bad hair day. To which she replies, “You don’t have the heat on again, do you? If you don’t turn it on, I’m going to tell your husband.”

But if he’s out to sea, why would I want to heat the entire house for me–just one person? Especially when I’m holed up in one room under a comforter typing away, anyway.

I do realize how extreme I am in my thinking. But, you know, there is a reason for all that.

The hat that never comes off in winter. Even when I sleep.

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Farm tour!

Last weekend we took a FARM TOUR! New Leaf market sponsored it’s 4th Annual Farm Tour on October 15th and 16th throughout north Florida and south Georgia. Thirty-two farms, ranches, orchards, creameries, dairies, smokehouses, pastures, gardens, institutes, vineyards, homesteads, markets, and cafes opened their doors and  took part from Bonifay to Lake City, Florida, all the way to Moultrie, Georgia.

We chose to drive two hours into Florida to Deep Roots Meat to discover where our food comes from and to meet our future dinner. My dad and his wife even drove an hour in to join the tour. I just finished Fast Food Nation and one of Schlosser’s main questions is, “Where does your food come from?” The “Super Size Me” and “Food Inc.” documentaries give us an idea if we buy it at the supermarket and fast food restaurants.

Where does our food actually come from? I was about to find out!

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