My dream house

While visiting friends in Jacksonville last year, I passed a fashionable clothing shop with this advertisement. I couldn’t tell you what kind of clothes they sold or what on earth this represented advertising wise, but I stopped dead in my tracks.

There, plastered on the side of a building, lit up in perfect golden light stood my dream house.

IMG_3188I could travel all I wanted, never live in the same place for long. Life would be exciting and dangerous and lots of hard work. I could wear the same clothes every day and wash them in the river when I felt like it. I wouldn’t have to lug around a bunch of belongings and could leave whenever I pleased. I could swim all the time and never have to worry about my bathing suit getting old and the elastic wearing out. I wouldn’t even wear one. I’d probably be thin because I’d be hungry all the time. Unless I had a tiny garden on board. I’d eat lots of fish which I’d cook over a tiny stove and get to wear caps on my head to keep me warm so I wouldn’t have to wash my hair constantly.

God, I was born in the wrong time.
And I probably should have been a boy.
Maybe in the next life….



3 responses to “My dream house

  1. Sounds like a good life to me..can l join you?

  2. It does sound like a life that would suit you. 🙂 I have a little watercolour that I used to hang over my kkitchen sink (before I had a kitchen window) that shows a tiny little English cottage in the woods, with a lake in the background. Ive always thought of that as my perfect house – and loved to look at it every day. A friend with a framing company framed it beautifully for me and it still holds a place of honour in my bookshelves in the den.

    My house now is pretty perfect, but I can still dream of a tiny thatched cottage in the woods near a lake.

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