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Finding treasure in trash

Okay, it wasn’t actually in the trash can, my mother keeps stressing. (It was in the recycling bin.) But to me, it’s all about the same because they were throwing them away. Or shredding them up.

So, look what I found behind the local elementary school in the recycling bin!!

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Why I have a hard time using disposable diapers

I cry every time I watch this.
I feel overwhelmed and inspired at the same time.

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Attaining Balance (Guest Post by Waste AM!)

Joddle is a blogger and podcaster from London. Her personal aim is to reduce consumption and to waste less.

In blog mode!

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Green military move

The main three things of a military move consist of: boxes, paper and tape.

Packing paper.

The lovely boxes. (with tape)

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Another military move….for the compost bin.

So, we’re leaving Norfolk. Time is getting shorter. When I first arrived, time drug like a kid refusing to take a bath. Now, stuck on the fast forward button, I can’t believe the move is already here.

We’ve started packing the electronics, making our last medical appointments, trying to clean out the fridge. We broke down the compost bin. 😦

We made that!

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