Composting dish cloths

This dish cloth has seen its last days.
Rather than trash it, I cut it up and put it in the compost as it’s 100% cotton.


We compost this way now with socks, t-shirts, clothes that I can no longer sew or save. It goes in the compost that will nourish the flowers, not the garden. That one is completely organic, free of dyes.

What do you put in your compost?


2 responses to “Composting dish cloths

  1. That’s some serious commitment to the earth. I do compost all my food scraps, but not yet tried slipping in fabrics or paper, as it’s a local community system. I do see that other people put in newspaper. Actually, once I fished out a plastic nappy – some people must walk past and figure they are usual bins… I left the nappy by the kerb as there were no ‘normal’ bins, and whilst I hate to litter, I wasn’t quite comfortable enough to carry it home with compost smutz on it…

    • How many people would take that nappie out? You are conscious and truly amazing. Thank you for taking the initiative. I have to confess, my husband is the one who cuts up the cloth–while playing video games–I have to put him to work! But it was my idea. 😉 Ha!
      Keep it up Sarahn. You encourage me with a boost each and every comment. Hugs!

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