Recycling egg cartons and plastic bags in south Florida

The bad news is the recycling company refuses to take plastic bags and egg cartons or foam pads (that meat is usually sold on) in south Florida.

The good news is all this can be recycled. And guess where?

The good ol’ grocery store, Publix.
In front of their stores sit 3 cans—0ne for styrofoam, one for plastic bags and one for paper bags.

Publix might bust heads and charge out the yen-yang, but they do take all your egg cartons. They get kudos for that.

Kudos Publix!


2 responses to “Recycling egg cartons and plastic bags in south Florida

  1. We solved the styro issue of recycling. Stop buying meat and eggs! Kind of fixed itself. Going vegan is one of the best things we did for trash reduction.

    Our biggest problem with styrofoam is at regular restaurants. We ask for water, and a waitstaff — seeing four kids — brings ‘kid cups’ with straws. *slaps forehead* We pack them out, of course, and recycle them but now take the extra step to say ‘regular glasses please’!

    Hope you’re well, Jennifer, and enjoying hue holiday weekend. 😀

  2. You’ve got it in the bag already! You’re my hero EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    This is just a little token for those who haven’t given it all up yet.
    I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and that all the rest of the holidays follow in lovely form. I think about you ALL THE TIME, all the time. You have no idea how much you have inspired me and influenced my life.

    They don’t recycle straws here either. Irks me beyond the force when they automatically bring them out. Why would you even need a straw?
    We don’t eat out much. That does solve that a little bit.
    I’m afraid the U.S. will never catch up. Not before our kids are grown anyway. But that’s why we’re raising them the way we are, right?
    Hellos and kisses to all of them!

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