A great little souvenir

Home from a business trip, somebody received a gift from dad. I thought it a great little souvenir, don’t you think? It’s made of wood, sustainable, not plastic. It’s a real musical instrument, child size.

IMG_7993 IMG_8010 IMG_8027 IMG_8030


6 responses to “A great little souvenir

  1. Christine Davies

    Your daughter is the image of you Jen, Wait to see if she learns to play it,.

  2. She is just adorable.

  3. oh, my look at that beauty, miss you bunches!!!

  4. @ Christine—thank you! She toots it occasionally for about 10 seconds. So precious. It really plays music. It’s a pretty sound!

    @Mary Pat–a thousand thank yous! She is such a good little thing.

    @Jami–so strange. This time last year we were going trick-or-treating in her little Super girl shirt and Heather dressed as a cat. She’s just outgrown that Super girl shirt. It was sad to put it away. 😦
    Can’t wait to see what Heather goes as this year with that blue hair!

  5. She looks more and more like her momma every picture I see. What a happy little girl. Tell her that Great-aunt Jackie is trying to learn sign language, She has inspired me.

  6. Thanks Aunt Jackie. That’s so sweet of you to say that! I am inspired that you’re inspired! How wonderful! Isn’t sign language fun? 🙂

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