Homemade citrus cleaner

We tried making our own citrus cleaner with grapefruits off the trees in the back yard while we residing in Georgia.


1. Strain about a bag of grapefruits.


2. Strain out the pulp.


3. Until you have pure grapefruit juice.


4. Add  enough vinegar to cover the grapefruit rinds.


5. Place in an air tight container for a few weeks.


6.  It cleaned well and smelled like…..well, citrus-y vinegar. Use it up fairly quickly because it will sour.


We made grapefruit juice with the rest and gave away bags full of grapefruit to anyone who would take them. I miss those trees!



17 responses to “Homemade citrus cleaner

  1. What do you clean with it…just floors, cookers, sinks and bath sort of things…windows?

    • Yes, you can clean just about anything with it. Toilets, etc. it’s really just vinegar and the juice makes it smell good. Never tried it on the windows, though vinegar works wonders on windows, I’m thinking the juice might leave streaks….

    • No windows. Can’t remember if I ever mentioned that. Just the bathroom sink and toilet really.

  2. I made a cleaner with orange rinds last year, but thought it smelled horrible – maybe I left it too long and it soured. I should give it another try then.

    • Heidi, we did the same thing. We left it too long and it smelled like sour grapefruit. I just thought it was supposed to smell like that. We used it up real fast though. Maybe try it less time but if that doesn’t work, can it. We’ll just have to come up with another one!

  3. Ha, I do the same only with lemon and orange zests.
    They say that the most cleaning power have pineapple rind if used for this purpose. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m planning !

  4. I swear by cold-pressed orange oil. It’s my go-to spot cleaner. And everything smells so fresh and clean afterward! I only use vinegar for cleaning water hardness (soaking sprayers, aerator screens, removing water spots, etc.) Never thought of the combination of the two.

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  6. have you thought of making a cat repellent out of it: zap citrus rinds in just enough water to pulse the blender; spread the resulting liquid wherever pets and stray wildlife wish to establish dominion in your garden or whatever outdoor space you have. added bonus, it repels termites and ants as well.
    a fruitful new year to you..

  7. I hope things are ok – it’s been a while since you blogged, i just realised. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (belatedly) to you!

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