Finding treasure in trash

Okay, it wasn’t actually in the trash can, my mother keeps stressing. (It was in the recycling bin.) But to me, it’s all about the same because they were throwing them away. Or shredding them up.

So, look what I found behind the local elementary school in the recycling bin!!

book post save 1

Boxes and boxes of books! There were about 15 to 20 of the same book in each box because they were most certainly for the entire class to read. EXCELLENT books— holiday ones, all different levels.


My mother demanded I wait until dark, so I did. I drove up to the school, stood on my car and jumped into the trash bin. (RECYCLING bin.) I threw out broken down cardboard and crawled around to the very bottom grabbing one from each of every box of books. I came out with one lovely full box of books! I was so happy I almost cried.

The next day my sister arrived and we walked back up to the school around twilight. She was just as excited as I was! She wanted to pull out the rest and donate them to the library. By the next day, however, tons of heavy broken down boxes had been loaded on top and it had rained.

We gave up too easily. I wish now, I had jumped up there anyway—just for her, you know? She was so darn excited.

I like to think the rest of those books may be shredded and broken down and made into books again. BUT I rescued an entire box before they became new books.  And they will be loved and read and read and loved. 🙂


Is that a baby under that book?


5 responses to “Finding treasure in trash

  1. good for you..keeping your eyes peeled and finding such treasure..well done.
    years ago I found some tablecloths dumped on a rubbish tip, so I rescued them and I still have them today

  2. Good for you Jen. I can’t bare to through a book away. When we RV I take the books I’ve read and leave them in the Laundry area with a note attached letting everyone know it is free to take. We usually buy used books to read and when finished donate them to the sale area of the Library.

  3. WOW! How nice! That’s wonderful! The books have a new home!

  4. Is the baby with the book on her asleep .. Ha … She’s in for a real treat with her mama

  5. geez, why didn’t they donate them to a thrift store or a church or daycare, or something? I hate to say it, but tax payer’s money wasted. I remember finding tons (well, lots) of books in our alley dumpster. It was like finding gold. I dug them out and my kids read them. Another cool thing I found by a dumpster was one of those little metal carts with 2 wheels that are handy for hauling debris. I say I found it, my husband said I stole it. (he and I aren’t married anymore…)

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