The last of the summer garden

Oh, fall is upon us, isn’t it? The cool air, children back in school.
And plucking the very last of the goodies from the garden…

last of the tomatoesWhen mama came up to visit, she planted cucumber, squash and tomatoes for us among the landscaping since we’d already missed the planting season. I didn’t really expect to get too much. Especially since she claimed she gave me diseased plants and she got no tomatoes this year.

What a surprise. I’m still getting them on!
I didn’t think they’d turn red and I was ready to pluck them and try the fried green tomato recipe I’ve always wanted to try, but surprise!

They glowed red. And the bugs only gnawed a few.

I’ve been cooking with them like crazy, and cut up and froze the rest so we wouldn’t lose them. Canned diced tomatoes—eat your heart out!

How did your garden fair this year?


7 responses to “The last of the summer garden

  1. well done Jennifer…that’s the way to go!
    In the last week of Sept, it was lovely and warm here…then bam! October arrived and so did the cold, the rain and the clouds…where has my sun gone?
    Instead of shorts..its now long fleecy lined trousers, jumpers, gloves and my
    electric blanket on my bed..bbbrrrr…its cold!

    • Oh, Miss Whip Lash, you are so cute! We are next. The weather is just beautiful, but the winter is on its way! Keep warm with that electric blanket, they’re just lovely.:) Jennifer

  2. I love the “zero waste” state of mind. Also,I had an odd garden season this year. Tomatoes in Florida were tough because of the rain and humidity. I did great with cucumbers, peppers, and beans, though. Herbs were also great! How was yours? 🙂

  3. We’re still surprised how long the garden is doing this year – it might keep going for a while yet, if the frost stays away.

  4. Fresh tomatoes are always nice. So glad yours grew. I had good luck with my cherry tomato plant, but my other tomatoes haven’t faired so well this summer. I tried to grow them from seed, but the bugs got them. I recently planted seedlings since Hawaii has a year round growing season. So far they are not growing like I expected. but I’m still trying to nurse them along. I got knew Marigold plants hoping to help with the pests since that worked well with the cherry tomatoes early in the summer. I’ve had better luck with my Hansel eggplants and my herbs thankfully.

  5. Our garden was better than last year when it practically fried in our 115 degree heat. Right now, I have 6 green tomatoes on the window sill, waiting for Mr. Sun to turn them a perfect red. It’s sad to see the garden end.

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