Here we go round the mulberry bush…

I never knew what that was, I’d only heard the song as a child. This summer when we moved into our home in Wisconsin, my husband tramped in from bushwhacking through the woods in the back yard to bestow upon me a gift.


Under the tree, we spread an old shower curtain I’d picked up at the Goodwill. He shook the tree branches and I tried to keep the berries from escaping into the grass.

I browsed through recipes, but we ended up eating them plain, as a snack.

He found three trees on our property! We just have to do some trimming to get to them. I’m excited for next year. So much so, I’ll even get out there and help with the yard work. Next year I’ll be ready…..posting some mulberry pie recipes or something! 🙂


And my, they stain everything. Good thing we used that shower curtain. I wouldn’t recommend anything you’d want to use again. 🙂


5 responses to “Here we go round the mulberry bush…

  1. They look like Blackberries…maybe Mulberry is the same ..I shall have to find out….what a gift…your hubby, s generosity knows no bounds lol. Love P

  2. They look yummy, but I have to admit I’ve never had an opportunity to try them either.

  3. Mulberries are wonderful things! We freeze some of ours to eat in summer as tiny little iceblocks 🙂 I make jam too, but only if we don’t eat everything we pick…

  4. Wild berries! We forage several areas for them every spring. Kids love to do this.

  5. @MissWhipLash—-I think blackberries are a bit sweeter but they sure do look alike.
    @Heidi—You can cook with them! I’m in!
    @Tikiwanderer—-tiny iceblocks sounds like a wonderful little treat! Yum!
    @Shannon—-we were born in the wrong time.

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