Finding a greener deodorant

Deodorant. Now, this is one product I feel is a necessity but plagued with plastic that cannot be recycled. Making your own deodorant would be ideal. I’d read a few that stained your armpits (um, no) until Mom Photographer showed up with this one which is creamy and smooth and lasts forever. However, if you don’t have the time to make your own, I have found an alternative…

Made from mineral salts, I found it at Whole Foods. It came in a cardboard box, but it does have this one piece of plastic as a dish. Such a shame, or it would have been perfect. The plastic  has no recycling number on it. It would have constituted as zero waste, but alas, it failed. Regardless, the fact it can last up to a year will keep you from using the massive amounts of plastic stick. Maybe with complaints to the company, they could produce a “refill” in which only the mineral egg is sold.

You add a bit of water and rub it under your arm. Done!

At first my husband couldn’t believe it worked and would come home daily and shove his armpit in my face. “Are you sure you don’t smell anything?” I didn’t find this exactly thrilling, but it didn’t smell, so no offense taken. He did this for about a week.

Then he dropped it on the floor and the end of it shattered like glass. He continues to use it, though one end is sharp and jagged, so be careful if you get one.  (Another reason  Mom Photographer’s cream wins.)

It’s like a lovely, glass egg  alternative.

Not 100% plastic free, but we’re getting closer! Again, not paid to endorse it, just trying to find a product that works. If you have a better one, by all means, let me know. In the meantime, once I run out of my little bits from my man’s old deodorant, I’m crossing over to making my own! Yay!

Do you have any brilliant deodorant ideas to share? Or stinky armpit stories? Whichever..
(And as always, thank you for reading and for your comments! I can see the wheels turning!)


24 responses to “Finding a greener deodorant

  1. Jennifer, this is the brand I use. Began using it about 5 years ago when I became concerned about the aluminum chlorohydrate in anti-perspirants– if you read about this chem, there could very possibly be a logical connection to an occurance of breast cancer… some might scoff, but do the research and make your own decision. I do use the roll-on and the next time I buy, I’m going for the solid you feature here. It is not an anti-perspirant, so it does not keep one from having the underarm wetness, but since I don’t lift weights, run marathons, or chop wood, I don’t sweat it! Ha! It does control odor, your husband proved that… so, I’m totally happy with this brand. I bought mine at Wally World, and had thought of ordering on-line, but haven’t done that yet. You had a good suggestion about the just a refil, wonder if they could just shrink wrap that puppy and call it good?

  2. I tried to make my own once; I made a fantastic product in terms of texture BUT it stained my white t-shirt and never washed out. So I was really annoyed about that. I use a crystal deodorant but did you know they are not al created equal? You have to really watch where the ‘alum’ comes from that makes these crystal ones. Love the egg shape; that’s super cool

  3. I read once that if you cut back on meat and incorporate lots of leafy green herbs and lettuces into your diet, your body will stop producing foul odours and start smelling naturally sweet. I’d say that’s about as eco friendly as you could get.

    • true lesley, the more sweets and meats, the more odeur de body…a sprig of lavender or sage in the closet and dresser chase bacteria which inhabit your personals..
      and while i’m here; lemon or lavender in the laundry soap inhibit same bacteria..natural soaps also reduce germ colonies in all the warm and wet places.. i personally opt for homemade deodorant and powders. airy clothing and line dried sheets..air dried towels and no perfumes..yes green leafies always, springtime freshness to you, ns

    • Really? Never heard that meals could affect the smells that the body emits but I think it’s logical. I remember that I smell different when taking certain medications. Nice idea you’ve got here. Wish I could use my meals to regulate myself to ooze some sweet fragrance! Smiles!

  4. This is such an interesting deodorant find. Thanks I’ll check this out too. Meanwhile: I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I invite you to participate only if you would like to. The info on the award is here:

  5. @ Joy—I didn’t really know these existed. I’d heard of people using more natural products without this and that in them, but I’d never really researched it until my aunt sent an email linking anti-perspirant to breast cancer because of all the aluminium in it and how your body is supposed to sweat. (All those toxins can build up over time and cause cancer in the lymphnodes under your arm.) Scared me to death. So I switched to plain deodorant and it was so strange feeling sweat on my shirt because I never had before. But it was all that darn plastic that got me to switch over to this one. I think it’s a good option.

    @Leslie and Nadine—I’ve never heard that before. Very interesting about the meat and the sweets. I think a lot of it just has to do with DNA too. Neither my sister and I are big sweater/stinkers and we eat everything. My mom claims since menapause, she doesn’t need deodorant!

    @ Mrs. Green—I thought it was the aluminium we needed to watch out for, not the mineral salts (alum.) Now, I’m all confused as of what to use! Eeek!

    @Eldy— I was so excited when I found something with “less” plastic. And thank you so much for the award. That is so very thoughtful for you to think of me. 🙂

  6. I’m going to have to try the recipe after I run out of my liquid crystal roll on. I picked it because the plastic is recyclable (not a great solution) and I was out. I know at least some of the ingerdients I already have or can get zerowaste at the soap dispensary nearby. Thanks for the great solution! The deodorant I saw the people in the documentary “Chemerific” make was all powdery and awful looking.

  7. And this one is all creamy and pretty. It is a good looking deodorant, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to put that pretty cream under their arms? I’m in too! Now if I can just convince my husband it isn’t too girly…..I’m sure it would be messier with hairy armpits. But hey, they can shave them same as ours. ha!

  8. I’m definitely checking out Whole Foods for this deoderont. Not sure it will cover me during extensive workouts at the gym. I don’t want people to avoid me- ha.

  9. @ Jody–you’re so cute. Let me know what you think if you try it. The hubby swears by it.

  10. I’ve been thinking about switching to a natural deodorant too – just haven’t got there yet. I’m looking at it more for health reasons, but those same reasons almost always end up being more environmentally friendly. Good to hear its working.

  11. Thanks for the link to the home-made deoderant; you’re right, it looks great! I am definitely going to give it a try.

    I did give the crystal style ones a go a few years back, but I cycle a lot and got too freaked out by the wetness – although I am pretty sure I didn’t smell :o) But, if the homemade version doesn’t work out, I might give it another go!

  12. @ Lightly crunchy—thanks for coming by for a visit. And yes, it’s true. Encironmentally friendly and healthy seem to go hand and hand. 🙂

    @goddbyemagpie–True, not smelling is nice, but it’s taking some getting used to the fact that now I sweat. Wet pit stains never embarrass me though, and I think nothing of others who have them, except that, wow, they must be really hot. It’s the smelliness I can do without. Good to hear you’re out there experimenting! 🙂 And cycling!

  13. I just want to say that my deodorant DOES STAIN white clothes. I haven’t though about it before I came up with the recipe. It’s because the use of cocoa butter.
    For those who are interested in making their own deodorant that doesn’t stain here is a link to one recipe:

  14. Thanks for the heads-up Jennifer; next time I visit WF I’ll check it out. Learning something new all the time. LOL

  15. I stopped using traditional antiperspirant years ago. In high school I knew a girl who said it caused breast cancer, but I never thought about it much until I started getting into natural stuff. That was a hard one to change because I was worried about stinking lol, although I still sweat through regular deodorant, so it wasn’t any different in that respect. Definitely tried some that wear out halfway through the day. I like the crystals, but yes they definitely shatter if you drop them! I had to get a new one because of that, but otherwise they seem to last forever! Also, no yellow stains on my white shirts!! I still alternate sometimes with other natural ones like Toms in the summer when I’m more worried about smelling, but still works pretty good. I will have to check this brand out- sounds good! Oh and yeah, I used to get little skin tags all the time under my arms when I used regular deo (really ouch when you try to shave!!!), and I haven’t gotten any since I switched…makes you wonder.

  16. Beth–that IS weird. I’ve never heard of that with the skin tags. Eeeek! Yes, the breast cancer thing really scared me. I like Toms too. It’s just that darn packaging that turns me off.

    • tom’s is a fine brand,
      the tags are so highly ‘contagious’ they spread and cling to any warm and wet medium as do all viruses and you must be careful to wipe the deodorant after each use.. no guarantee, it may then travel along skin and clothes, towels and bathtub..
      a change in environment and diet may cause the sudden occurrence of tags.
      my mother never needed any deo..but she said that i perpired like a russian peasant

  17. This is rather interesting…at first when I saw the photo I was like “jelly fish?…deodorant?”

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