A note from Valvoline

Shortly after I wrote my blog post about changing our own oil this weekend, I received an email from Valvoline…

In the email, the Valvoline representative thanked me for trying their new NextGen product and for giving it a shout out. She mentioned Valvoline had partnered with the national non-profit Keep America Beautiful to educate consumers about the environmental impact of completing the cycle of changing oil, recycling oil, and using recycled oil products.

“Valvoline is committed to illuminating the connection between conservation and motor oil recycling, and is challenging Americans to help shine a light on this critical issue. Let’s Do M.O.R.E. (Motor Oil Recycling Education) allows consumers to click and show their commitment to closing the loop by recycling oil and using recycled oil products. For each person who clicks, Valvoline will donate $1 to Keep America Beautiful to help protect and preserve our community environments. We’d love for you to join us in supporting this great cause by signing up to ‘Do M.O.R.E.’!”

Valvoline will donate up to $250,000. Take a look and see what you think. Let’s do M.O.R.E.

If I were really green, I wouldn’t own a car–I’d ride a bike, I know, I know. But it’s a start. Companies seem to be waking up, and opening one crusty eye at a time.

Their site states that more than 3 billion quarts of oil are consumed by U.S. cars and trucks annually. And that it only takes one gallon of improperly disposed used oil to contaminate up to one million gallons of water. If we’re going to use it, we need to recycle it, like everything else.

No, recycling oil may not be in the caliber of riding a bike to work, but it is a start. One step at time… I have great faith that we will get there. I really do.


7 responses to “A note from Valvoline

  1. Just goes to show Jennifer you never know who may be reading your post. Didn’t they offer you free products as a reward! Mean lot!

    • Yeah, right? That would have been nice! But they did offer a coupon for everyone who clicked on the Keep America Beautiful site. I’ll take a coupon. Every penny saved is a penny earned, right? My grandma used to say that. NOW I understand it!

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  3. I did click on the “Keep America Beautiful” site…Sure would like a free coupon to have my oil changed. I think it’s time…HA

  4. Ride a bike anyway Jenn! It keeps you fit as a fiddle. I’ve used a bike for years. Can’t imagine life without one.I’ve cycled in big cities and country roads. Was even one of the first commuter cyclists in Budapest back in 2002 – yes, I took my bicycle when I loved there, packed in a box on the plane.

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